National Reports

Ministry oF Finance
Revenue Report for 2010-2011
Revenue Report for 2009-2010
Revenue Report for 2008-2009
Revenue Report for 2007-2008
Revenue Report for 2006-2007
Revenue Report for 2005-2006
Revenue Report for 2004-2005
Revenue Report for 2003-2004
Revenue Report for 2002-2003
Revenue Report for 2001-2002
Revenue Report for 2000-2001
Bhutan Trade Statistics 2010

National Budget
National Budget 2013-14
National Budget 2012-13
National Budget 2011-12
National Budget 2010-11
National Budget 2009-10
National Budget 2008-09
National Budget 2007-08
National Budget 2006-07
National Budget 2005-06
National Budget 2004-05
National Budget 2003-04
National Budget 2002-03
National Budget 2001-02
National Budget 2000-01
National Budget 1999-00
National Budget 1998-99
National Budget 1997-98
National Budget 1996-97
National Budget 1995-96
National Budget 1994-95
National Budget 1993-94

Ministry of Education
General Statistics 2008

Ministry of Information & Communication
MoIC Special Report

Ministry of Works and Human Settlements

Ministry of Economic Affairs

Ministry of Labor and Human Resources

Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan
Annual Report-2000/01
Annual Report-2001/02
Annual Report-2002/03
Annual Report-2003/04
Annual Report-2004/05
Annual Report-2005/06
Annual Report-2006/07
Annual Report-2007/08
Annual Report-2008/09
Annual Report-2009/10
Annual Report-2010/11

Gross National Happiness Commission
First Five Year Plan
Second Five Year Plan
Third Five Year Plan
Fourth Five Year Plan
Fifth Five Year Plan
Sixth Five Year Plan
Seventh Five Year Plan
Eighth Five Year Plan
Ninth Five Year Plan
Tenth Five Year Plan

Bhutan National Bank
Annual Report-1998
Annual Report-1999
Annual Report-2000
Annual Report-2001
Annual Report-2002
Annual Report-2003
Annual Report-2004
Annual Report-2005
Annual Report-2006
Annual Report-2007
Annual Report-2008
Annual Report-2009 Auditors Report | Balance Sheet | Notes on Account | Profit and Loss
Annual Report-2010

Anti Corruption Commission

Election Commission

Office of the Auditor General
Annual Report-2000
Annual Report-2001
Annual Report-2002
Annual Report-2003
Annual Report-2004
Annual Report-2005
Annual Report-2006
Annual Report-2007
Annual Report-2008
Annual Report-2009
Annual Report-2010
Clearance Report July 2004
Clearance Report November 2004
Audit Recoveries May 2004
Audit Recoveries yearwise

Office of the Attorney General

Royal Court of Justices

Royal Civil Service Commission

National Statistical Bureau
Statistical Year Book 2010
Statistical Year Book 2009
Statistical Year Book 2008
Statistical Year Book 2007
Statistical Year Book 2006
Statistical Year Book 2005
Statistical Year Book 2004
Statistical Year Book 2003
Statistical Year Book 2002
Statistical Year Book 2001
Statistical Year Book 2000
Statistical Year Book 1999

Bhutan at a Glance
Bhutan at a Glance 2010
Bhutan at a Glance 2009
Bhutan at a Glance 2008
Bhutan at a Glance 2007
Bhutan at a Glance 2006
Bhutan at a Glance 2005
Bhutan at a Glance 2004
Bhutan at a Glance 2003
Bhutan at a Glance 2001
Bhutan at a Glance 2000

Consumer Price Index
Consumer Price Index 2010
Consumer Price Index 2009
Consumer Price Index 2008
Consumer Price Index 2007
Consumer Price Index 2006
Consumer Price Index 2005
Consumer Price Index 2004

Agricultural statistics
Agriculture Statistics, 2007 Volume I
Agriculture Statistics, 2007 Volume II
Agriculture Statistics, 2006 Volume I
Agriculture Statistics, 2006 Volume II
Agriculture Statistics, 2005 Volume I
Agriculture Statistics, 2005 Volume II
Agriculture Statistics, 2004 Volume I
Agriculture Statistics, 2004 Volume II

Census Commission
District Population Projection
Population and Housing Census of Bhutan 2005
Socio-Economic and Demographic Indicators 2005
Bhutan Living Standard Survey Report 2007
Bhutan Living Standard Survey Report 2003

National Accounts Statistics
National Accounts Statistics 2010
National Accounts Statistics 2009
National Accounts Statistics 2008
National Accounts Statistics 2007
National Accounts Statistics 2000-06
Poverty Analysis Report 2007
Poverty Analysis Report 2003

State of the Nation report
State of the Tsa-Wa-Sum
Report 2012
Report 2011
Report 2010
Report 2009

Media Reports
Annual Press Freedom Report 2011/12 by IFJ | Read Annex of IFJ report
Annual Press Freedom Report 2011/12
APFA Annual Report 2009/10
APFA Annual Report 2008/09
APFA Annual Report 2007/08
APFA Annual Report 2006/07
IFJ South Asia Report 2005/06
IFJ South Asia Report 2006/07
IFJ South Asia Report 2008/09
IFJ South Asia Report 2009/10 Main Text | Annex
IFJ South Asia Report 2010/11

Other Reports
Bhutan 2020 Part I
Bhutan 2020 Part II
National Human Development Report 2000
Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper
Rapid Rural Development Impact Assessment Report 2007
SARRC Development Goals


District Statistics

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