Ministry of Education

Minister: Thakur Singh Powdyel
Phone: +975-2-323825

Secretary: Sangay Zam
Phone: +975-2-325146

Department of Adult and Higher Education
Department of School Education
Department of Youth and Sports
Dzongkha Development Commission
Department of Curriculum Research and Development
Bhutan Board of Examination
Bhutan National Commission for UNESCO

Records of School sports
Qualification Up-gradation
Annual Education Statistics Form
Vehicle Allotment Form
Contraction Extension Form (Light Druk-Yul)
Notification on In country Award Bearing Program
Teacher Assessment Form
Teacher Information form
Application Form for Issue of Duplicate Exam Documents
Application Form for Issue of English Language proficiency Certificate
Application For Issue of Re-Placement Documents
Dzongkhag Administration transfer processing Form-A(Teaching Service)
Dzongkhag Administration transfer processing Form-B(Education Management & Admin.)
Dzongkhag Administration transfer processing Form-C(Secretarial Services)
Registration Form for BCSE(Failed and Supplementary candidates)
Registration Form for BHSEC(Failed and Supplementary Candiates)

Job Descriptions for:
Chief Edn. Monitoring Officer
Chief Curriculum Officer
Secretary of Examinations

Brief Information on Continuing Education
Dzongkhag Administration Transfer Processing Form

Teacher Requisition Form for Secondary Schools
Form 1
Form 2

Teacher Requisition Form for Community and Pry Schools
Form 3
Form 4

Bhutan Scouts Registration Form ( pdf format ) ( ms word format )

Bhutanese Students Association Forms
Individual Student Registration Forms
BSA payment form
Ongoing BSA members list form
List of Actual participants for the activity
Conflict of Interest Declaration Form
DYS Profile
Sports Record Forms
Consent form for students
Consent form for adults
Question papers

School Syllabus
Class VII – VIII
Class IX – X
Class XI – XII

Dzongkha Syllabus (2007)
Class IX – X
Class XI – XII

Dzongkha Rigzhung Elective (2007)
Class XI – XII

Information Technology (IT) Syllabus (2007)
Class IX – X
Class XI – XII

English language syllabus
classes V to XII

Time and Period Allocation

School Statistics
Government Schools till 2008
Schools Upgraded in 2008

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