BAFRA – Application for Issuance of Phytosanitary Certificate
BAFRA – Export Certificate Application
BAFRA – Export Certificate Application for processed livestock products
BAFRA – Export of blood or serum for analysis
BAFRA – Import of animal for slaughter
BAFRA – Import of animals for breeding and rearing
BAFRA – Import of Cereals/Pulses/Oil Seeds/Fruits and Vegetables for consumption
BAFRA – Import of frozen semen
BAFRA – Import of livestock products for commercial purpose
BAFRA – Import of livestock products for in flight use
BAFRA – Import of livestock products for personal consumption
BAFRA – Import of Ornamental Plants
BAFRA – Import of pet animals
BAFRA – Import of poultry birds
BAFRA – Import of Seeds for Propagation
BAFRA – Import of Seeds for Research
BAFRA – Import of veterinary vaccine
BAFRA – Import permit for eggs
BAFRA – Movement permit for Plants and Plant Products
CoRRB – RNR Research Protocol Format
DAMC – Survey format DAMC
DoA – Staff Information inventory form
DoA – Assessment of Crop/Damage Reporting Format
DoA – Call for ACIAR Scholarship applications
DoA – Crop cut format for cereal crops
DoA – Geog Centre Inventory
DoA – Household Listing Form
DoA – Irrigation inventory forms
DoA – RNR Centre Inventory Form
DoA – RNR infrastructure Inventory form (Farm road, Power tiller tract, Feeder road, Private road)
DoFPS – Agreement deed for lease of forest land for non plantation
DoFPS – Agreement deed for lease of forest land for plantation and pasture development
DoFPS – Application For Issuance Of Permit To Enter The Protected Areas
DoFPS – Application for registration of Private/Industrial/Institutional Forests
DoFPS – Application form for allotment of land from Govt. reserved forest to Govt. instutution
DoFPS – Application form for other forest produce for rural consumption
DoFPS – Application form for subsidized timber for repiar/renovation/extension of rural house
DoFPS – Application form for subsidzed timber for other rural construction purpose
DoFPS – Application form for subsudised timber for new construction or reconstruction of rural house
DoFPS – Application to establish Community Forests
DoFPS – Community Forest Applicant Form (Dz)
DoFPS – Community Forest Certificate Form (Dz)
DoFPS – Forest Clearance for road, irrgiation, survey line
DoFPS – Private Forest Certificate Form (Dz)
DoFPS – Inspection Report on New land Allotment
DoFPS – Inspection Report on Registrated land
DoFPS – Inspection Report on Sand, Stone Boulder and Gravel
DoFPS – Land acquisition forms for land required by Govt. Institution
DoFPS – Other Rural Construction Form (Dz)
DoFPS – Private Forest Application Form (Dz)
DoFPS – Report format on field situation of the land
DoFPS – Rural House Renovation Form (Dz)
DoL – Format For Reporting Technical Qtrly Report
DoL – Forms for group reporting
DoL – Qtrly Progress Reporting Form GOI
HRMD – Asset, income and liability declaration form
HRMD – Audit Clearance for promotion
HRMD – Audit Clearance form for other than promotion
HRMD – Departure Information form
HRMD – Executive Performance Appraisal form
HRMD – Feedback form
HRMD – Fellowship Nomination form
HRMD – Form A,B, C, D, E excel
HRMD – Form for Out of Turn promotion
HRMD – Format for Proposing Study Tour
HRMD – HRIS Data Collection Form
HRMD – Joining Report Upon Completion of Training
HRMD – Personal Bio Data
HRMD – Pre-departure briefing (PDB) points for Short-term training
HRMD – Promotion form
HRMD – Security Clearance form
HRMD – Summative Performance Report form
HRMD – The Urban Household Survey Questionnaire
HRMD – Training Report form
HRMD – Travel Authorization form
HRMD – Work Planning and Review form
Ministry – Leave application form
Ministry – Requisition form
Ministry – Travel Allowance Claim form
Ministry – Vehicle requisition form
NSSC – Soil & Plant Analytical Laboratory (SPAL)

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