Bhutan Periodic Review of Human Rights

In next few months, Bhutan will be presenting its second report on Human Rights for Universal Periodic Report to the UN. The first report was gathered a huge number of critics and many countries recommended to improve the human rights situation in the country.

In the last five years, the situation has not changed a lot. Religious discrimination still persists while thousands of southern Bhutanese still remain without citizenship. There are also big number of young people in northern districts born out of night hunt. The government has not made any efforts to address the situation.

The government has not given any attention towards repatriating its evicted citizens who are willing to get back. On the other hand, local government officials in southern districts still threaten the local residents if they travel to Nepal to visit their relatives and bid farewell before they fly to western countries for resettlement.

Even after resettlement, the former Bhutanese refugees have not been able to contact their family members and relatives back in the country.

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