Pro-king protest deferred in Thimphu

The King is believed to have requested not to do
The King is believed to have requested not to do

On Thursday July 25, ruling party People’s Democratic Party (PDP), a scheduled protest in Thimphu has been deferred.

Members of the general public were scheduled to hold a protest rally in Thimphu. However, it was called back at the last hour. It is known that the king secretly appealed the protest organiser to stop it.

The DPT members and supporters are angry against the king and the palace believed to have influenced the election in favour of PDP. The four queen mothers and their brother Sangay Ngedup, the founding president of the PDP, are believed to be behind the mission.

The new cabinet is heavily stormed by Dorjis, the family to which queen mothers belong.

The organisers say they were angered by the way Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT) accused the palace for election outcomes. There were fears of possible clashes and violent demonstrations had the protests went ahead as planned.

According to sources, the DPT supporters during their recent gathering in Thimphu were chanting anti-king slogans. Spectators had seen some of them tearing off King’s photos. The DPT has reached the height of anti-king sentiment.

Jigmi Thinley, DPT president, absconded to represent party in the parliament as the leader of opposition.

The protest is deferred this time but likely to erupt at any time. That’s want India wants in Bhutan.

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