Christian pastor in Bhutan threatened for life

Though the constitution gives right to the people to choose the religion they like and conduct prayers as they wish, Bhutan continues to enforce the policy of zero tolerance against Christianity.

Bhutan government has not so far recognized any institutions or church for Christians. Buddhists are supported by the state to perform public functions and publicize, Hindus are discouraged in doing so while Christianity and other religions are banned.

A latest report from southern district says, a senior government official has threatened to kill a Christian pastor for performing religious prayers at his home.

On Tuesday, July 31, Gelephu Dungpa Pema Wangda beat and threatened to kill a Christian pastor Pema Sherpa. Sherpa was hit on his forehead and chest. Dungpa is sub-divisional head in Bhutanese bureaucratic system.

Bhutan has religious freedom but Christianity is not a legal religion in the country

Sherpa was among four pastors the official had summoned to ask them not to conduct worship service in their homes. The official attacked the victim at about 3.30 p.m. after the three others had left. Wangda also took out a sword, popularly called “patang,” and threatened to kill him.

Dungpa also called police with intention to send him to jail. But when Sherpa said he is willing to go jail than stopping worship at his home, police eventually didn’t detain him.

Christian population in Bhutan varies ranging from 5,000 to 12,000 since government has not legalized the religion.

Though, the constitutions mentions religious freedom, the government does not allow Christians to construct a church building or a Christian cemetery.

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  1. According to the constitution of bhutan……..bhutanese people has right to religion in way that they can practise any religion that they like but they cannot preach the relogion in a public except a buddhism……..people all around the world should know that right to religion in bhutan is not a complete right but a partial right.


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